With these mentorships we accompany you to find your purpose with impact, driving your brand towards sustainable development, expanding your possibilities of action with good practices to generate a triple impact while the business evolves.


We’ll guide you as an entrepreneur in a way that:

  • Respects your identity,
  • Adapts to your needs,
  • Boosts your business by expanding your economic opportunities,
  • Generates triple impact improvements (social, economic and environmental).


Why should you join?

The demand for sustainable products is on the rise and the opportunities for green companies are growing. Validate your sustainable business ideas before going to market!

Maybe you have a business idea and you don’t know how to start.

Or you want to incorporate sustainable practices to your brand that is underway.

Or perhaps you need specific support on a specific sustainability issue because you already have a framework in place but you need an expert professional to accompany you.

Whatever the options, we’re here to help you !!


We will work on 6 themes or axes divided into 7 meetings (1 per week).

The duration of each meeting is 90 minutes each.

We will send you the questions corresponding to each meeting a week before so that you can calmly analyze them and deliver your answers in writing in advance.

When we finish all the meetings, we will give you a written feedback and we will give you a diploma and Green Diosa seal that gives credibility to your project.

Give your ideas the green light

Start with the Future!