Sustainability in people and brands based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


I'm Marianne Martinez Riekes, founder of Green Diosa.

I’m a lawyer specialising in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development. I’ve had a long career (more than 20 years) in the world of sustainability and that is why I decided to enhance my experience helping people like you and brands (entrepreneurs and companies) to incorporate sustainability in their daily lives and in the way they do business. At Green Diosa, I would like to help you learn and connect with nature in order to create a more sustainable future that works for everyone and leaves a positive footprint on the planet.

The sustainability consultancy Green Diosa was created for people like you who want to become leaders, agents of change in order to contribute to the construction of a more sustainable world. People like you who want to transform their brand to make a positive difference and be part of the change we need in the world. A change in the way of consuming and producing, a change in the way of making a business successful, generating a triple impact: environmental, social and not just economic.

Our motto at Green Diosa is: “If you take care of the planet, the planet takes care of you”.

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